So much to do, SOOO little time

So much to do, SOOO little time

Through the years of having multiple jobs that were just to have a job, I always felt like I always could get more done if I had more time… But I gave them my all for 8 hours a day and was completely separated from it on my time off.

Now that I own my own company, things have changed and that statement is sooo true; I can never get as much as I want to get done in one day, a week, a month, etc, you get the point. I feel like I am organized but the only way I am going to get what I need done is stick to a very strick schedule, if only I could come up with one that works!

Enough of that, I’m glad to say I finally have more merchandise up on my site and more to come very soon! I have to retake some photos since the lighting was all wrong but that will happen after I finish this post. =) Hope you all enjoy my new stuff and more to come.

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