Vinyl Make-up Bag

This is one thing I absolutley love about being a designer and creating my own work, I can think of something and then have finish product that day (sometimes longer – i just don’t want to spend too much time on something new).  It is very satisfying!

So after doing grueling research (looking at magazines, perusing Pintrest and the internet, also looking at what EVERYONE is carrying these days… tough right?!) I decided I wanted to see what I could do with transparent vinyl.  I was intrigued and I found a piece on clearance at Jo-Ann’s a couple a weeks ago, so i thought “why not/!”

I tried to do a transparent clutch, it did not come out as cute  as I had hoped.  It looked more sad than fashionable.  So I put the vinyl away for another day, didn’t want to waste too much time.  Then I got a call from one of my sisters last week, wondering if the clutch I made for her (which she is now using for a makeup bag) could be put in the washer.  This clutch has a metal frame – I told her she couldn’t, it has to be spot cleaned.  So a light bulb went off; why don’t I make a make up bag that can be wiped down and use the trends of transparency. (I liked the idea since you can see what you have in your bag – personally, I loose tweezers, boby pins and mini elastics in there like it’s the black hole!)

So today I sat down, planned it out and created the piece.  It is a fun twist on something that every girl has.  Let me know what you think?  Maybe I will be bold and keep using the vinyl … maybe!?

photo 1 (2)            photo 2 (2)

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