Busy Busy Bee

I have to say I am having a blast being busy but I hope it will stay this way!

In the month on April I have had my first successful Purse Party (can not wait to have more), joined a local networking group, turned 28, and getting ready for my first ever outdoors show in Hoboken, NJ!   With all of this excitement and craziness my amazing husband had enough and for my birthday gave me money to go towards a new sewing machine.  We will say the machine I had was a Singer that parts were popping off on a daily basis!

So this week started off with a purchase of a new heavy duty sewing machine!!  Also they day included a purchase of a vendor canopy, talk about one expensive Monday! But it was what needed to happen, now I am closer to be ready… I’m only missing more merchandise, tables, display items and probably more, I just think right now.

Below is an image of my new baby!  I am such a dork when it comes to sewing/design, but hey that’s ME!!


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