Custom Gift – Diaper Bag

Last week was a nightmare in the studio of Love of Buttons.  I would think the bag was going to be made one way and then have to do it the other way…  It was frustrating but I made it through! Not to mention the out come was pretty awesome.

I attended a dear friend of mine’s baby shower this past Sunday and I was able to give her a diaper bag custom made for her.  I researched diaper bags more than a normal person, asked family and friends with babies what they liked about their bag, what would they change, and what is necessary?  From everyone… “big!”  You have to fit so much into it that bigger is better!  Also I told her ahead of time so we worked together so she had the fabric she wanted.  I wanted to make this perfect!

Here is the finished piece…

photo (19)


Maura and I at her baby shower… this baby is so loved!


photo (22) photo (23)

photo (21) photo (20)

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