Handbag tips – So worth the read

With making bags everyday, it made me think I should compile a list of tips I think are great to keep one of Love of Buttons’ (or other designers) bags looking great for years to come.

1. When storing bags for season or occasions – make sure to stuff it with tissue paper to keep it’s shape.

2. If the zipper is jammed – rub a bar of soap over the zipper teeth and the zipper will glide with ease (make sure to zip and unzip a few times to make sure the whole zipper is lubricated)

3. If you get an ink stain – spray hair stray on the stain and dab (don’t rub) off.

4. White and light color bags – treat with fabric protector to keep it looking nice and new (my favorite is Force Field – spray outside and dries within a few hours)

5. Never clean leather with alcohol wipes – make sure the cleaner is alcohol free.

6. If you get an oil stain on your handbag – coat it  with baby powder and leave over night.  Clean the powder off in the morning and repeat if needed

7. Don’t place your bag on the ground if possible – and NEVER on the bathroom floor, there are hooks in there for a reason!  Use a purse hook that stays in your purse and sits on the edge of tables – if you don’t have one, use your knee (its better than the back of the chair or the floor)

Purse Hook - Pintrest Image

Purse Hook – Pintrest Image

8. If your bags handles are worn out or broken – you can replace it with pre-made handles – you can find them at local fabric and craft stores. (this also is a good way to give the bag an updated look)

9.  Just like shoes – there are ways to embellish your standard handbag to amp up the style.

Clip on earrings and barrets, wrap a scarf around the handle, add or swap out buttons, or pin on a jeweled brooch to give some bling

Embellish with a scarf - Pintrest Image

Embellish with a scarf – Pintrest Image

10. Use smaller bags inside larger bags to keep organized – one for makeup, one for cellphone, and etc.

11.  If the inside of your bag is ripped, find a tailor that will fix it or have them change out the material to revamp the look.  You don’t want to be like Carrie from Sex and the City and think you lost your favorite necklace and then end up finding it between the lining and the outside shell of her vintage clutch weeks later!

12.  Also when storing – use dust covers (a light weight draw string bag)

I hope you enjoyed this and put these tips to good use!  If you have any others, share, I would love to hear them!

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