Second Show Outdoors

Shoreline spring Festival – Madison CT 2013

I have been lucky with weather… my second show outdoors and it was a beautiful one!  We were placed under a tree and there was a warm breeze, couldn’t ask for anything better!

I had two week from my last show to tweak any last minute changes to the set up.  Both Ryan (my WONDERFUL SUPPORTIVE husband) and I noticed the set up needed to change but what was needed to make it better?! Here are the changes we came up with and I absolutely loved them…

1. Layout – just moved the back table forward… gave us more room for storage and less for people to get lost.

2. added a flag banner to the perimeter, I love the way it brings your eye down to the products

3.  added some colorful balloons for a pop (of course an aqua/teal color to match the Love of Buttons logo)

4. lastly we moved a few things outside the tent, this helps catch the customers walking before they even get to your tent.

Over all, I had a blast at the show and it was an added bonus to see so much family and friends from the area!  Thanks for everyone that came out and my aunt Maria for helping pull off a great event!  Can’t wait for next year!!!!

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