“Do you really love buttons?”

This is one of those few questions I have been asked over and over again when meeting new people at festivals and shows and I don’t mind it.  They come up to my table, look around a little and then ask “do you really love buttons?”  The answer is always… “I really do!”

Ever since I can remember, any time I was at a clothing store I would gravitate towards items with buttons… I don’t know why! Even my wedding dress was picked because it had fabric covered buttons all down the back, just like my grandmother vintage dress from over 60 years ago.  Also buttons were used throughout our wedding last July (my hair accessory, the groomsmen boutonnieres, and on the girls clutches they carried instead of flowers)photo (25)

In the last couple of years, friends and family know I love buttons that they have started to collect them for me!  My brother-in-law had a friend that found a tin full of old buttons in their attic, he was going to toss it, Roland saved them for me!  My aunt has been collecting for years, she let me sort through them and take what I wanted!  A good friend I used to work with gave me all the buttons she had saved of the years.  And the last festival I was a vendor at  in CT, a passer by came up and asked the question “do I really love buttons”, she told me that she has a box full of vintage buttons from her grandmother and she wanted them to go to some who would love them like she did.  A week later, I received a package in the mail FULL of buttons!  My favorite are the ones still on the packaging and shows the price…

photo 4 (3)   photo 5

So with all of that and what I have been collecting, I might have  a bit (this isn’t all of them) …

photo 3 (5)   photo 2 (9)

So I have decided my next line of handbags are going to be buttons themed!  I hope to have some done in the next couple weeks.  So if you love buttons like I do, make sure to check back to see the new designs.

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