DIY Addiction – Part 1

I am going to come out and admit it… I’m a DIY addict!  I love to create things, it’s  who I am. My husband blames it on Pintrest (he threatened to limit my access..haha) but I have been doing this since high school – Just the way I am.  Sorry for him, by marrying me he took the role of carpenter! =)

 So recently I have been needing storage for all my new merchandise I create (purses, clutches, flat iron travel cases, etc.) but my office is getting tight and I want something to be cute… that’s when I found this unit (thanks to pintrest)!  Then I looked at my old childhood desk (that needed some SERIOUS love) and I knew with the help from my LOVING, PATIENT husband we can recreate it.

purse unit

What I’m convinced I can recreate!

photo 1 (15)

what I had – poo brown desk
Sorry for the horrible image

He agreed with my vision and we were off to Home Depot.  We got stripper, sandpaper and scrapers.  Once we got home we started stripping (the furniture that is).

photo 3 (11) photo 1 (16) photo 2 (16) photo 3 (12)

Slowly the poo brown and the white that was under it where coming off – I had never seen the stain underneath the white – surprise to me! I thought this is going so quickly… should have kept my mouth shut, this is how the day ended.

photo 4 (9) photo 5 (1)

The next day I started to sand with the hopes it will come off – NOPE!  We had to strip the whole piece again and use mineral spirits afterwards. Note – do what the directions tell you to do! After spraying, waiting, striping, wiping down in sections (it helps to not make a complete mess) I was able to finally sand!  This is how it looks now.

photo 1 (17) photo 3 (13)

Another fun tips I will end with – If there are decorative pieces screwed on, make sure to remove them and clean them.  Since I painted this 10 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and painted right over them – they were gross!  Just a brillo pad and soapy water and they come clean.

photo 4 (10) photo 5 (2)

I hope this will be completed by the end of the week – do you think it will look similar?  You will have to wait and see!

Happy DIYing!  

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