Wedding Season is Here!

C + R Wedding Snaps-345

Just remember to breathe….. and have a BLAST!

I don’t know about all you brides of 2013 out there but I know this time last year I was in wedding central – gluing, cutting, tying bows of ribbon and much more.  You could say our wedding details were DIY!  Our invitation,  programs, the cake, the cake topper, the bridesmaids clutches (of course being a purse designer is going to have clutches instead of bouquets!) and the boutonnières all DIY (with help from family/ friends and our amazing mothers)! It was hard work but it came out WAY better than we thought!!

We wanted to make our wedding stand out, like no other!  So to save money and put our stamp on everything (oh and drive our families crazy) Here is what our last few months to the special day were spent doing…

C + R Wedding Snaps-16

Bouquet put together by my husband Ryan and the florist the morning of our wedding

C + R Wedding Snaps-463

Delicous cakes made by my mother in law -sooo yummy! One my favorite flavor and one Ryan’s favorite! Good mom right there!


Hair piece Ryan and I made of buttons from my grandmother’s wedding dress, peacock feathers and other covered buttons


Custom cake toppers to look like Ryan and I, painted by my mom – Ryan wasn’t allowed to see so he had NOOO idea what my dress looked like.

photo 3 (4)

Save the date and invitation to our Jack and Jill party (instead of a shower)

photo 2 (8)

Wedding Invitation – painted by my mom

photo 1 (8)

Our Wedding Program – doubled as a fan (it was the middle of July and about 95 degrees outside!!!)



This was a last minute decision we made and boy were they a hit! They were split between all the tables – so many great pics! Check out Manic Moose on Etsy ( ) They have great photo booth props!

C + R Wedding Snaps-113

One thing to remember, this is one day!  Have fun with it and enjoy all you’ve put together!  This is the start of the rest of your life with your best friend, you want to cherish forever, I know I will!

Photography provided by Carissa Lynn Photography and Family/Friends.

Until next time – Claire

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