Behind the Scenes – The Studio

IMG_1942  IMG_1938

We have been working on my “studio” (which also seconds as a guest room) since we moved into our current place – about a year and a half ago.  We wanted to make it a place where I can be creative, have great storage, and homey enough for our guests.

It is definitely a  mod podge collection from hand-me-downs, diy recreations to vintage collectables (the early 1900s sewing machine from my husband as a wedding gift) but  I think that’s what makes me – eclectic DIY!

IMG_1941   IMG_1936


I want it to look great but organization is very important to me and if I can have that in my studio, I’m a one happy person.  Once I start working things get messy but at least everything has a place!

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek look into my studio, I hope I have inspired you!  (A lot of this wouldn’t be if not for my husband’s patients and hard work.)

Until next time – Claire

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