Nostalgic designs

So here in the New Jersey, we are smack dab in the middle of summer and I think we are having the best weather yet – Sunny 80 degrees with a cool breeze and low humidity!  I am in love!  If summer could be like this everyday… I wouldn’t complain =)

Summer weather comes with summer accessories and I’m having a ball designing them!  Designing with bright colors, crisp white and nautical theme – I might have a slight obsession with nautical theme.  I have bags, purses, scarves, wristlets and makeup bags all with anchors and stripes on them!  But when I think of summer, I think boating and nautical (I did grow up in Rhode Island).  So here is some of my summer items with nautical theme in mind…

MakeupBag-Anchor:Pink1 photo 1 (28) SMRScarf-Nautical2 FoldedClutch - Navy:Wht (extraPk)

Purse - Anchor:White- Pink Bow3 photo 2 (28) LrgPurse-Blue:Wht Stripe2

What reminds you of summer and is a must have in your closet?

Until next time… Claire

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