Falling into fashion – Fall Trends 2013

I can’t believe fall is just around the corner!  I have to say the weather has been cool for August and I am really enjoying it.  Being able to wear skinnies without having the fabric stick to my legs and  a t-skirt without over heating!  So I thought I would dedicate my Monday morning to research the fall trends for 2013…Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, and Glamour’s reports made me uneasy at first, but I think I am getting used to the ideas.


For one thing, my awkward stage in life (tween years) are coming back to haunt me.  The fashion from the 90’s are shinning though – plaid, repetitive pattern and platforms are on the forecast and I don’t know if I want to go back.

So the more I looked into the trends and away from the Runway’s over stated looks, I started to warm up to some of the new trends of 2013.  Using gray as the neutral in an outfit – kinda in love with this one, I love Gray!  Using darker shades of green (you know, since green was the color this year) it is my favorite color I am definitely ok with this one.  Leather accents to give a punk look in a classic way – I am willing to work with this but in a faux way. Using earthy tones  – This might be the easiest for me since I tend to gravitate towards earth tones with my clothing!

Now I focused my research to handbags trends – I am liking what I am seeing!  Check out these examples of:

1. Structure

59eb8bf2a953d62b688db4b7ffcdf459        9604da354d1c2a5221952ca2e3f8e4d6

2. Black & Blue

fd79bf7b71824c0eab825cac18cc2dc0 703cae15f55f2abcd0c7ceeb8aa37937

3. Plaid

b426dadc69952606d2eddcf3279c872c 8fc04c284d427319ac91ed668e2eff9f

4. Green


5. Camouflage


6. Gray


All images are provided by Pintrest.com

This research has definitely given me some new ideas on what to work on next!     I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and look forward to the fall!!

Until next time – Claire

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