My 2014 Show Schedule

Tent 2

One thing a lot of artisans have to do to make their brand grow is to do shows.  Craft shows, art shows and other fun events.  This is one thing I love doing.  I get to talk to customer face to face, get to see their reaction to my stuff and get great feedback!  Even though it can be a long day(s), the experience is well worth it!

One thing you learn quick is the good shows fill up quick and the deadline are usually EARLY in the year!  So, around the start of the new year you have to start applying to shows that are MONTHS away.  Just today I started hearing back and got accepted to my first show of the year!!!

Multiple Items

I am a returning artisan but it is always nice to hear that you have been accepted to the show.  I am looking to do events in NJ, NY, CT and RI this year!

Please keep checking back to see where I will be next!

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Until Next Time – Claire

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