The numbers are in…. how did I do?


For people who follow my blog and saw at the end of January I put out there I wasn’t holding myself responsible for my goals.  I was writing a list out but many of the items were not being met.  (to read the post click here)

I publicly shamed myself about not getting done what I set out to do.  Well, the numbers are in.  Not as high as I had hoped but better than last month.  That’s progress… right??

February Goals:

20 goals were set on February 1st

5 were met (better than 2 but still PATHETIC!)

So I sit here, in my studio on March 1st – a bit disappointed, but proud of what I got done –  I set my goals for the upcoming days.  Let’s hope my numbers are better next time!  Check back in to see my progress.

Until Next Time – Claire

Let’s hope there is a little Luck of the Irish this month!


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