So where have I been…?

In line with my goal list for the month, I have been trying to blog at least twice a week, I was just starting to get the hang of it when I missed a week and half with being so busy and I fell off the boat!  I have a good excuse for being busy!

My hubby and I took a few days to treat ourselves, cashed in our credit card miles and headed down to sunny (and warm) Key West to visit one of my sisters.  I have to say it was a short trip but SOOOOO worth it!  We needed that warm air to rejuvenate us from this cold and mean winter we have had here in NJ.  We loved it so much we keep “joking” that we are going to move there.

photo 2 (44) photo 1 (43) photo 2 (45) photo 1 (44)

The water – beautiful!  The architecture – beautiful!  The beaches – SOO beautiful!  The sun sets – breathe taking (you thought I was going to say beautiful, didn’t you?!) It was hard to say good-bye but I think we will be back again soon!  =)

photo 5 (12)

photo 4 (25) photo 3 (35)

Once we got back, we have been  non-stop for three days straight with work, shows and teaching and we wanted to go back already.  I guess it’s hard to take a few days for yourself when you are your company!

** Also I was so excited to get this bag done for myself just in time for the trip!!**1902919_10100113574203709_1845269865_n

Well, back to getting some much needed cutting and sewing done!  Great time but good to be back!

Until Next Time – Claire


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