Ever wonder “why is my sewing machine going soooo slow?”

This has never happened to me before.  Ever since I was younger, I’ve  had a simple Singer sewing machine that just kept going, even though I beat it up!  Last April, I splurged and purchase a Janome Heavy Duty sewing machine.  I was so excited, I have been sewing much more and I wanted something that could be a bit more “heavy duty”.  The first couple months went great and as I used it more and more, things weren’t keeping up.  I was a bit disappointed.

Should I take it for a tune up?  I know I use it a bit more than most but it shouldn’t have issues already.  I opened the bottom where the bobbin goes, cleaned that out and any other nooks and crannies.  But still the speed went from fast to a slow crawl and sewing became tedious!  So yesterday, after a day of hair pulling sewing, I stopped everything grabbed a bottle of windex, paper towel, screw driver, directions (these are very important), can of air, and oil.  I was ready to clean the crap out of this machine!!


photo 5 (13) photo 4 (26) photo 3 (36) photo 2 (46)

Dusts, thread and lint came out in chunks – gross! I had no idea it can get that clogged everywhere.  I took apart everything I could, cleaned it and oiled it.  A fun and helpful hint – use a piece of paper and jot down where you removed the screws/pieces from.  You don’t want to go demolish crazy and then not be able to reassemble it.

When I was done with this, the speed was just like new!!!!  I am so thrilled I can sew again without the occasional yawn from boredom!

The moral of this story is – Clean and oil your machine regularly!  It works wonders and less head aches later! Oh and it’s free!!!

I hope this helps fellow sewers!

Until Next Time – Claire


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