Hello April!

I am very excited today is April, here are some of the many reasons why I love April!


1.  My birthday month (any many of my family members have birthdays in April) April babies rule!

2. Spring really starts to show itself – take today for example.  I woke up this morning to a bright sunny sky!! I haven’t seen a sky like that in weeks!!

3. Longer days, more outside time – hikes, evening walks, bike rides with my hubby.

4. Spring cleaning!  Things around here need to be cleaned out and April is my favorite time to do it!

5. So much more and I am not going to bore you with them all – I just LOVE April!


On another note, today is the first of the month!  Eeek!  It’s time to tally up the month and see how I did on my goals.

March Goals:

24 goals were set on March 1st

8 were met!!

I am going to give myself a big self high-five for this!  I keep going up on my number of accomplished goals plus I was away for a week, which means I did my goals in 3 weeks instead of 4!  WooHoo!


My new APRIL list is up and ready to get some things crossed off soon! If you are determined you can get anything done.  Since these goals are staring at me everyday and I make it a point to share, it drives me that much more!

Until next time – Claire

(Images provided by Pintrest.com)

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