Zentagle… it’s addicting!

Last christmas my mom gave a book to my sister as a gift all about Zentangle.  At first we were like, it’s just doodling but the whole family got into and fell in love!  We started with one blank piece of paper and a black pen, we each took a turn and drawing on that one piece of paper.  Once one person was done with a section they would pass to the next family member.  It was great!  Each piece came out unique and beautiful.  After that, I brought the concept home with me and started drawing when I had free time.  I created this.

photo (15)

The idea about Zentangle is you should zen while you’re drawing.  It is relaxing and fun all at once.  So I came up with a great idea… why don’t I use this concept on a Love of Buttons yoga bag!  It was fun and came out great.  I might have to do more pieces!

YOGA - Zentangle2 YOGA - Zentangle4

This concept has caught on and pieces are popping up everywhere…. Here are some sample images of Zentangle.

Zentangle car Zentangle Ele Zentangle Flower Zentangle Mug Zentangle tree

Also if you want to know more about it – check out their website http://www.zentangle.com/

I hope you enjoy as much as my family and I do!  The possibilities are endless!

Until Next Time – Claire

(Sample images provided by Pintrest.com)

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