That one accessory I absolutely love – Scarves

In the past working in an office all day, people would call me the scarf lady.  Whatever season it was I had a scarf to wear.  Winter I have big and cozy ones and in the summer I have light weight and decorative ones.  I may have a problem but scarves in a way are my outfits security blanket.  Now that I am making them – for a couple years now –  I have to limit myself on how many I can keep for myself, since I would keep them all if I could!!

INFINT - CHIF - Teal:Pink:Org:Wht1

Now that it is Spring time (p.s. I am LOVING it) I wanted to give a little bust of color to my scarf section in my shop – most are heavier, that still can be worn now but are more grays and tans.  So I went shopping last week and I am in love with the fabric I found!  Light weight chiffon with bright colors and patterns, perfect for spring and summer!!  I can’t wait to find more patterns to create more pieces.  All of these pieces are one of a kind and when their gone…. their gone!

INFINT - CHIF - Blk:Wht Pattern1 INFINT - CHIF - Teal:Blk:Wht1

Get them while they last! (check them all out HERE)

Until Next Time – Claire


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