First outdoor show of the year = Success!

All last week, I would check my phone every hour about this horrible storm that was to hit the east coast Friday into Saturday.  Hoping that it would just disappear and all would be perfect for SUUS Shoreline Spring Festival.  Things were looking pretty grim and as we made our way up to CT we got stuck in some serious rain!  Like 40mph on the highway bad!  I just kept telling myself, its going to pass, all we will have to deal with is some little rain.  Once we got to CT, the rain hadn’t reach there that bad so there was hope.  I woke up a few times in the middle of the night, freaking out since the rain sounded like it was going to burst through the windows.

I woke at an early 5:45am, birds were chirping. Wait did the rain pass???  I jump out of bed, grabbed my phone and the forecast – clear and 70!!!  AMAZING!  I was so excited. Now all we have to deal with is the mud, this festival is located on a green.  We got there and barely any mud!  I was amazed and thrilled.  I brought three pairs of shoes just in case and I didn’t even need them!

DSCN7844 DSCN7845 DSCN7846

The show was a hit.  Locals were thrilled the weather was so beautiful they made their way outside to visit us.  I have to say, the group that runs this show do a fantastic job and it wouldn’t be a success without them!  Thanks SUUS!  And thanks to my Aunt Maria who is one of the heads of the event!


We met some great people and say some familiar faces, like my mom!  She came down to hang out with us during the show and check out the local artists. What a great treat.

To top that off, we found out my sister and her family were also in CT for the day for a track meet – the timing worked out perfectly and they got down to the show just as we were cleaning up so we all got to have dinner together.


The universe was definitely on our side last Saturday and let’s hope our next outdoor show is just as great!

To see where Love of Buttons will be next, check out our Schedule! We are trilled about our next event in Newport, RI, our home state!

Until Next Time – Claire

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