Memorial Day weekend is here!

This has to be my favorite time of the year.  The announcement that summer has started.  This may have started growing up in Narragansett, RI and the beach season started on Memorial Day.  All my friends and I would make our way down to the town beach and get our season passes for the year.  Oooo memories!


My girls and I at the beach over 10 years ago

This year is far from that but still great memories.  One thing is we are thrilled we are home for all three days!  This is unheard of for the Rands – we are usually traveling somewhere or working a show – but not this weekend!  We are home and have time to do what we want.  Cookout with friends, shopping and some much needed cleaning and organizing of our place, all great things.  Maybe a quick trip to the beach, we do have new beach chairs stored in my truck – hey you can’t take the “gansett” out of this girl!

Narragansett Beach

Beautiful Narragansett Beach – Wish we could be there!

I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend and share your great story of Memorial Day weekends past, I would love to hear them!!  Happy Memorial day everyone!  Thanks to all the vets out there for our freedom!


Until Next Time – Claire

(I can’t take all photo credit here – Unable to find photographer’s name)

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