Wait, what day is it?

For some reason my life works in lulls and absolute craziness spells!  Right now I am in a serious crazy spell – and I am loving it!  I am currently relocating my office to another part of the house (which includes new used furniture being painted and my office to be in complete shambles), working on inventory for my first 2 day show in my home state – RI, and trying to keep up with the consignment orders for the summer season.  All great stuff but realizing sometimes it’s hard to be a one woman show!  I do it all from marketing to sales and sewing to designing- but I’m soooo thankful that I have a wonderful intern – my loving husband!  Without him – Love of Buttons would just be a dream not a reality!

Here are some sneak peeks on Love of Buttons behind the seams (ps – do you love my word play?)

photo 5 (14) photo 4 (28) photo 3 (39) photo 2 (49) photo 1 (48)

My inventory case is over flowing, my bookcase full of fabric is just waiting to be made into something beautiful, custom postcards I created for RI’s show, my new desk (we choose to go big with color and we are LOVING it!) and projects all over the room in mid-progress altogether = absolute craziness!!  But I wouldn’t change a thing!

Check back soon to see the progress on my new office and how I’m preparing for the biggest show yet!

Until Next Time – Claire

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