Finally new items in my shop!!

For all you sellers online – I applaud you! it is not an easy thing to do!  People may look at Ebay, Etsy, Artfire, etc. and just see the pretty pictures and not know what goes in behind the scenes to get it looking like that.   Let me tell you… A lot!

1. First you have to stage the photos

2. Then you need to upload the photos to your computer

photo 1 (52)

3. Once they are there you need to edit them – mid you, you don’t have to but it makes them look prettier and more professional.

photo 2 (52)

4. Once they are edited to your liking you need to go to the site or choice – Etsy is where I sell.  

photo 3 (41)

5. For every item you add need to write a blurb, measurements, tags, title, and insert your edited images.

6. Now that is all completed and added to your shop you need to promote them – Social media like crazy!

photo 4 (29)

This is why it can take me awhile to add new items but when I do it makes me feel accomplished and ready to show the inter-web what I got to sell!

So I have a true respect for serious online sellers – you don’t have it easy and I am impressed!

Just so you know – I did new items today and should be adding more in the next couple days.  Check them out!


Until Next Time – Claire

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