A day away from sewing to organize!

For those who know me, know that I LOVE TO ORGANIZE!  I actually thought (and still do) about becoming a professional organizer since I love it so much!  Give me a mess and some time and I will work wonders!

Well this past Sunday, Hubby and I decided Sunday was the day we needed to tackle our garage.  Mind you we don’t have much storage so this is where off-season items and large items go instead of sitting in our living room.  With the wonderful donation of some metal storage units (a local company was going to throw them AWAY!) and some good old fashion cleaning and organizing we went from stuff everywhere…

photo 1

To things having a specific place and with room to spare!!  I was so happy when we were done I did a happy dance!  True Story!

photo 2 photo 3

It’s never to late to tackle that mess you have in the basement or garage – you just have to have the will to do it!

PS – Some fun facts about organizing – 1. Don’t keep items you know you aren’t going to use 2. Keep like things together for easy finding. 3. Have fun with it!

This post may have made me sound like a super dork – it’s all true!  I love organizing and love the satisfaction you get when you’re all done!  I hope I have inspired some of you to go forth and organize – I would love to hear about it!

Until Next Time – Claire

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