2017 – What will this year bring?!


As most of you do, at the beginning of the year I sat down, reflected on the past year (2016 was kinda of rough one) and see where I needed and wanted to grow. So with some time to think (while kiddo finally went down for a nap) I came up with some hopes for this year….

  1.  I hope to connect with my community more, do more shows in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.  (I will keep you posted when I book those, I love being able to chat with others, face to face, when it comes to my craft)
  2. I hope to collaborate with other artist to make amazing pieces (I have already started this one, and super excited to see the outcome!)
  3. I hope to really get the chance to push myself in the design department.  I want to come up with new, fun ideas and share them with you all.  I love to combine function with beauty.
  4. And the last one I share with you all (the other ones are a bit boring and businessy) is my hope to stick to a flexible but firm schedule.  This has been a doozy for me in the past. I know it kinda sounds like an oxymoron but I’ll explain.  I want to get new designs out by a certain time, but with a two year old holding onto my leg all day long, I have to be flexible.  I hope to push myself to hit certain deadlines, but with a little wiggle room from my boss (me) I hope to hit them as close as possible.

So there you have it, my hopes for the year.  I would love to hear what others are striving to achieve this year. Let’s make 2017 awesome together!!

**Another fun hope (other crafters probably know all about this)

  1. I hope to clean out my “in-progress box”.  These are those projects that have been sitting for months – wanting to be finished but weren’t going my way.

Until Next Time – Claire


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