FHF – Yearly Donation Made!!

March is that time of year when I have to sift through yearly paperwork & crunch numbers but also the time when I get to make our yearly donation to YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund.  Yes, I know it might not be much but it's still something.  Thanks to all the amazing customers who purchased Fashion Helping … Continue reading FHF – Yearly Donation Made!!

#FunFactFridayFashionEdition 008

Wow this month has been crazy!  We apologize for the mini break in FunFactFriday, but we are back in action! Coco CHanel invented the concept of Costume Jewelry.  She mixed fake pearls and Stone with real pearls and diamonds. #FunFactFridayFashionEdition 008 (Image: Pintrest)  Costume jewelry has really been on trend for the last couple years.  I … Continue reading #FunFactFridayFashionEdition 008